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Shot Stitch #2 – Children of Men (spoilers!)

My second Shot Stitch is the classic long take from Children of Men. The shot contains MASSIVE SPOILERS for the film. So… be warned…


As you can tell, the final stitches become HUGE images. So huge, that I am having trouble displaying them for you. This shot, for example, is a 360°+++ camera move, that when stitched together created a 40,320 pixel image. Yikes!

A scrollable version of the image

And here’s a looping vid:

Some notes:

– The camera didn’t pan in one constant direction, sometimes it stopped and reversed. This made it really hard to create a consistent left-to-right panorama. I took some creative liberties with my stitching: trying to never jump back in time in the shot, but sometimes I did skip over some sequences. This is pretty obvious towards the end of the stitch.

– HOLY SHIT, Chiwetel Ejiofor was in Children of Men!?!?

– Some day I want to do a stitch for Gravity. I read that the film only has ~150 shots total… Theoretically, you might be able to represent the whole film in 150 stitched images… stitchgasm!

Stay tuned for more stitches, and remember to share/like/tweet/etc. Spread the love!

Every second of Jurassic Park in one image

Every second of the film Jurassic Park. Each still is a second, each row is a minute. I wanted a way to view 2 hours of film in one image, and I think this captures it nicely. It’s also neat to consider how the film takes place over the course of two days, and you can see how the tiny frames transition from day > night > day through the colors tan > blue > tan.

Created with lots of Expression experimentation in Adobe After Effects.


Want to make this a poster? Click the Download link to download the FULL resolution version. It’s 70mb, so prepare to wait a while :)


Here are some closeups:
JPsec_snippet01 JPsec_snippet02

“Fruittoons” Animation Test

An animation test for a cartoon I hope to begin soon. The character is a grape (his body shape is accurate, the face is just a place-holder) and I can’t decide whether he should have stubby feet, or long goofy legs. So I’m testing both here.


Shot Stitch #1 – Taxi Driver

This is the first in my series called “Shot Stitches”, where I stitch together frames from long-shots in film. The first to come to mind was Taxi Driver’s classic God’s Eye View shot.


When you see the shot laid out in one giant image, you get a real feel for the physical geography of the scene. I, for one, was shocked that the Taxi Driver shot covered less physical space than I remembered.

If you have any suggestions for other famous long takes, post a comment! I’m already working on a Children of Men and Oldboy stitch, so no need to suggest those.

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