If you’re like me, you were too wrapped up in last weeks episode of True Detective to fully grasp how long that last shot was. Well, it was about 6 minutes long. You can watch it here if you don’t remember.
I was pretty stoked to make a stitch for this and tried to have it up ASAP. The nature of the shot makes it near impossible to stitch completely into one image and I was faced with some new challenges. For starters, there was a LOT of forward movement in this shot, which is a total Buzz-Killington for a stitch. I worked around this by distorting a lot of perspectives, stretching and skewing certain frames to match others.
Another challenge was the camera spins around Matthew McConaughey at one point. This changes the action from left-to-right to right-to-left and totally disrupts a linear, 2D stitched image. I compensated for this by kinda breaking the stitch… see for yourself… I swear it was the least disruptive solution.

The image is so large, I made a video:


And here’s a looping GIF of just the indoor sequence: