Shot Stitches #5-6 – Game of Thrones (2014)

s4e9 of HBO’s Game of Thrones, “The Watchers On The Wall” featured some pretty impressive camera work. And mammoths.

Two of these shots made for some sweet stitchin. One is a nearly 360-degree tracking shot covering the fighting within Castle Black’s courtyard. The second stitch is a God’s-Eye-View shot showing the scope of all the battles. As always, there are two versions of each stitch, one is a rather hi res JPEG, the other is a scrollable interactive. Enjoy!

The Castle Black courtyard battle:
[photonav url= mode=move popup=none animate=right position=left label=true container_width=1200 container_height=600]
Tracking shot from Right to Left around the Castle Black courtyardThe God’s Eye View Shot:

[photonav url= mode=move popup=none animate=none position=center container_width=800 container_height=800]
the God’s Eye View moving north from the Wildling camp, over Castle Black, over The Wall, and to Mance’s fire

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