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Shot Stitches #5-6 – Game of Thrones (2014)

s4e9 of HBO’s Game of Thrones, “The Watchers On The Wall” featured some pretty impressive camera work. And mammoths.

Two of these shots made for some sweet stitchin. One is a nearly 360-degree tracking shot covering the fighting within Castle Black’s courtyard. The second stitch is a God’s-Eye-View shot showing the scope of all the battles. As always, there are two versions of each stitch, one is a rather hi res JPEG, the other is a scrollable interactive. Enjoy!

The Castle Black courtyard battle:
Tracking shot from Right to Left around the Castle Black courtyardThe God’s Eye View Shot:

the God’s Eye View moving north from the Wildling camp, over Castle Black, over The Wall, and to Mance’s fire

Shot Stitch #4 – “True Detective” (2014)

If you’re like me, you were too wrapped up in last weeks episode of True Detective to fully grasp how long that last shot was. Well, it was about 6 minutes long. You can watch it here if you don’t remember.
I was pretty stoked to make a stitch for this and tried to have it up ASAP. The nature of the shot makes it near impossible to stitch completely into one image and I was faced with some new challenges. For starters, there was a LOT of forward movement in this shot, which is a total Buzz-Killington for a stitch. I worked around this by distorting a lot of perspectives, stretching and skewing certain frames to match others.
Another challenge was the camera spins around Matthew McConaughey at one point. This changes the action from left-to-right to right-to-left and totally disrupts a linear, 2D stitched image. I compensated for this by kinda breaking the stitch… see for yourself… I swear it was the least disruptive solution.

The image is so large, I made a video:


And here’s a looping GIF of just the indoor sequence:


Shot Stitch #3 – Oldboy (2003)

Oh, the “Hammer” scene. Classic. If you haven’t seen Park Chan-Wook’s 2003 Oldboy, check it out. This isn’t much of a spoiler, but in one scene the main character fights off (I counted 17) bad guys with nothing but a hammer. The 2.5 minute fight scene is one long take.

To capture the scope of the fight, I decided to do TWO stitches. One for “Before” the fight, starting with the very first frame of the shot. The second stitch shows the aftermath.



Shot Stitch #2 – Children of Men (spoilers!)

My second Shot Stitch is the classic long take from Children of Men. The shot contains MASSIVE SPOILERS for the film. So… be warned…


As you can tell, the final stitches become HUGE images. So huge, that I am having trouble displaying them for you. This shot, for example, is a 360°+++ camera move, that when stitched together created a 40,320 pixel image. Yikes!

A scrollable version of the image

And here’s a looping vid:

Some notes:

– The camera didn’t pan in one constant direction, sometimes it stopped and reversed. This made it really hard to create a consistent left-to-right panorama. I took some creative liberties with my stitching: trying to never jump back in time in the shot, but sometimes I did skip over some sequences. This is pretty obvious towards the end of the stitch.

– HOLY SHIT, Chiwetel Ejiofor was in Children of Men!?!?

– Some day I want to do a stitch for Gravity. I read that the film only has ~150 shots total… Theoretically, you might be able to represent the whole film in 150 stitched images… stitchgasm!

Stay tuned for more stitches, and remember to share/like/tweet/etc. Spread the love!

Shot Stitch #1 – Taxi Driver

This is the first in my series called “Shot Stitches”, where I stitch together frames from long-shots in film. The first to come to mind was Taxi Driver’s classic God’s Eye View shot.


When you see the shot laid out in one giant image, you get a real feel for the physical geography of the scene. I, for one, was shocked that the Taxi Driver shot covered less physical space than I remembered.

If you have any suggestions for other famous long takes, post a comment! I’m already working on a Children of Men and Oldboy stitch, so no need to suggest those.

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