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Sometimes I like to get my hands dirty . . .

Engagement Ring Box

I wanted my proposal to Taelyr to be special. We had a trip scheduled to Cancun to celebrate an anniversary and I knew it was the perfect occasion. I bought the ring from the brilliant folks at Ken & Dana Design in NYC, but wanted to build something custom for the box. I tracked down some Redwood Burl wood and put this together. Oh and she said yes.

US Map Picture Frame

Taelyr’s grandfather was an avid HAM radio hobbyist, and when he passed away he left us his map of the United States. The map hung above his radio equiptment and is marked up with hand scribbled notes for frequencies and codes. We wanted to hang the map, but at its enormous size, the map was too expenisve to have framed. Instead, I mounted the map to a board using Mod Podge, and assembled an Oak frame around it. Now the map serves as a focal point of our living room… right next to Herbert the skeleton, that is.

WWI Rifle Display

Before the United States even joined World War 1, my great-grandfather enlisted with the Italians and fought for the Allies. My family has many collectables from his time in Italy, but none present such a powerful first impression as his rifle. I purchased a slab of Italian Olivewood and mounted the rifle, the bayonette, and it’s grenade.

Other Projects: